Exploring faith

Places of worship in Huddersfield

We've been working with local churches and the Huddersfield Interfaith Council to provide information about local places of worship for people of different faiths. We hope you find the information helpful and soon settle into a place where you feel you belong.

Christian churches

  • A Church Near You will help you find a local church.
  • ‌ provides a map of churches in and around Huddersfield Town Centre.

Exploring the Christian Faith

We have a small team of Christian chaplains who are available at the Faith Centre if you have questions or would like to explore the Christian faith. Do drop in for a coffee or send one of us an email. Otherwise you might want to visit some of the local churches (our local churches guide might help - see above) or spend some time visiting some web sites. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • ReJesus - a website that helps you find out about Jesus' life, character, teaching and followers
  • Alpha - a course that has been developed to help people explore the Christian faith and is probably the most widely run course in the church today
  • Spiritual Journeys - encourages you to discover faith through your mind, your sense and the world around you and was used as part of BBC radio 4's Sunday worship during Lent this year
  • Foundations21 - a free, interactive online course for those who want to develop their Christian faith
  • Wordlive - an online multi-media Bible
  • biblesociety
  • christianity.org
  • biblegateway

Alternatively, you might like to explore the websites of the churches who provide or are connected with the Chaplains at the University:

Islamic places of worship

Islamic places of worship details mosques within the Huddersfield area giving contact details and prayer times.

Other faiths

Map of places of worship for the Baha'i, Buddhist, Hindu, Quaker and Sikh faiths in Huddersfield.

Exploring other faiths

As Christian chaplains, it is difficult to give any informed advice on helpful websites, but a good starting place might be the BBC Religious homepage and the website for Faith Initiative.

Another helpful place we have found is the website for Derby University's Multi-Faith Centre.