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Our team of Faith Advisers and Chaplains are based in the Faith Centre at various times throughout the week. Though they are open for drop-in conversations, if you wish to speak to them specifically, you are advised to contact them directly to confirm their availability.

Keith Ballard

Deacon Keith Ballard

Catholic Chaplain

I'm based at St Patrick's Catholic Catholic Church in Huddersfield and will usually be around and about campus a couple of days each week.  I'm married with three kids two of whom have recently left Uni and another who's still‌ there.  As a result the joys, trials and tribulations of student life are quite well known to me.

I used to to play basketball but now my brain is writing cheques my body can't cash.  I still talk a good game though!  I'm firmly of the belief that God must have a sense of humour to have someone like me on His team!

I’m happy to meet with staff or students on a one to one or small group basis to offer Spiritual Accompaniment, prayer and other liturgy or just for a chat and cup of ‘Yorkshire Tea' / coffee.  

Do contact me by calling into the Faith Centre, by email or mobile, or stop me for a chat after any of the weekend Masses at St Patrick’s.

Tel. 07749 241953

Charlotte Cheshire

Charlotte Cheshire

Anglican Chaplain

Hi, my name is Charlotte Cheshire and I'm the Anglican Chaplain for the University, but, like all the other Chaplains, I'm here for students and staff of all faiths and none. If you see me on campus, please do say hello or pop into the Faith Centre for a cuppa - you'll recognise me by the hair!

I've recently moved to Huddersfield from Shropshire and alongside my chaplaincy role, I am also Priest in Charge of Moldgreen and Rawthorpe Churches just around the corner from the University. I'm married with two children and have also managed to acquire a zoo between our two dogs, two cats and one guinea pig.

Having just finished my Masters Degree and studying various qualifications in University and college for pretty much the last twenty years, I understand that student life can sometimes be great and other times just plain hard work and stress.

If you're struggling and want a friendly, non-judgmental ear, I'm here!

Robert and Christine

Robert and Christine Law

Chinese Speaking Faith Advisers

Hello from Robert and Christine! We were once overseas students in the UK, and we do understand what campus life is like. We are currently leading the Leeds Alliance Church which is a Chinese Chruch in Leeds where Robert is the minister in charge. Before coming to the UK, Robert received his theology training at the Alliance Bible Seminary in Hong Kong and was a Pastor for two churches for over 10 years; while Christine worked in the arts and culture sector. We have two energetic boys to keep us active and lively.

We can speak Cantonese, Putonghua and English and we are happy to meet you to talk about Christianity faith, pray for you, offer help and advice, or simply have a chat and a coffee. Please don't hesitate to contact us. We hope to meet you soon!


Tel. 07716 756882

Marina Woodhead, Chinese speaking Faith Adviser

Marina Woodhead

Chinese Speaking Christian Faith Adviser

您好! Hello, I am Marina. I am a Local Preacher within the Methodist Church in the Huddersfield Circuit. I also founded the Chinese Fellowship @ the Huddersfield Mission which has regular Sunday services and other activities.

I am a Chinese from Hong Kong where I obtained my bachelor and master degrees, and worked in the Civil Service. Huddersfield is my second home after Hong Kong since it is my husband's hometown. I speak Cantonese, Putonghua, and English. If you are Chinese or Chinese speaking, we should have no problem in communicating. I am here also for English speaking students and staff who would like to try out their Chinese language skill with a Chinese speaking Faith Adviser!

At any time you want to know more about the Christian faith, or what the bible says about life, or simply to have a chat on other matters, do feel free to contact me. 

Look forward to meeting you somewhere in the university campus!

Tel. 07821 550042

Moulana Irfan Soni

Moulana Irfan Soni

Muslim Faith Adviser

My name is Moulana Irfan Soni and I possess an undergraduate degree in Islamic Theology. During the day I am teacher at a Secondary School, where I teach the Arabic Language and Islamic jurisprudence and in the evenings I teach at an Islamic School (Madrassah), where students vary from the age of 4 -16.

I am part of is The Institute of Islamic Scholars, in which I am an executive member. This organisation has up to 250 Scholars, who are committed to community cohesion and portraying the true image of Islam in the west. We are also heavily involved in charity work, dealing with local and national issues, arranging and co-ordinating events.

I am also a member of the Kirklees Faith Forum. This forum encompasses Muslim, Christians, Hindus and Sikhs from across Kirklees to tackle common issues faced by all faith communities and develop cohesion.  Another organisation I am part of is Community Welfare Forum. This forum is a group of like-minded people dedicated to equality and justice for all within Kirklees. I am also a key presenter for Radio IMWS, in which a lot of topics are discussed, such as present topical, ethical and moral issues to the Muslims and Non-Muslims of the wider communities.

If you would like to know more about me or Islam, or require help regarding any other issue then feel free to contact me. 

Tel. 07894 942331 

Rabbi Eli and Rivka Migzimov 

Jewish Chaplains

The Chaplains for Jewish students in Yorkshire and Humberside are Rabbi Eli and Rivka Magzimov They are based in Leeds but will be in Huddersfield from time to time.

Tel. 07815 108260


Mufti Mohammed Amin Pador

Mufti Mohammed Amin Pador CEng NIMechE CMIOSH RSP CMIQA

Muslim Faith Adviser 

Salaams and Hi, I am Mufti Mohammed Amin Pandor. I completed my Islamic studies (Ifta) at the prestigious seminary (JKN) in Bradford. I am a Director at “The Peace Institute” an organisation that strives to show the peaceful nature of Islam.

I am also a Chartered Engineer and a former Civil Servant. I have experience in multinational organisations in the field of aerospace, petrochemical, healthcare, construction and manufacturing in Europe and the Middle East in various technical roles such as design, assurance, mergers and acquisitions. I worked in Saudi Arabia for over ten years and I am fluent in Arabic, Urdu, Gujarati and now learning Persian (Farsi). I try to be in the University as often as I can, so don’t be shy, come and talk to me about anything. In fact, I challenge you to ask me anything that you dare not ask anyone else for fear of offending them. I am always available by phone and email.

Knowledge is an ocean without a shore, so I still consider myself a student. The more I learn, the more I understand how little I knew yesterday. I am married with children and grandchildren. One of my sons is undertaking his PhD at this University. One of my favourite verse of the Quran is “And we have not sent you but a mercy to the worlds” (Quran 21:107) and the saying of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), “The best people are those who benefit others”.

Tel. 07479 464428 

Mufti Tayyaba Azfal

Muslim Faith Adviser


I have recently completed the Takhassus fil Fiqh (Mufti) post graduate course specialising in Islamic Jurisprudence at JKN institute in Bradford. I wanted to study this course as I wanted to improve my knowledge in Jurisprudence and this course is the highest level of Islamic academic study. I have also written three research essays as part of the course which are due to be in print soon In sha Allah. I graduated as a scholar from JTI boarding madressa in Bradford in 2003. I have been teaching Islamic legal maxims, Jurisprudence, Hadeeth, Quran with Tajweed, Arabic grammar, seerah and Urdu since graduation. Currently I have completed 17 parts Hifzh (memorisation) of the Quran (In sha Allah I will complete the rest with Allah's help asap!). I co-founded and launched Madni Dawah Academy in Lancashire four years ago which is the first academy to offer the Alim course in Burnley and Pendle.

At present I am working part-time at Madni Dawah Academy as a teacher. I have a son (8) and a daughter (7) - (YES -I am a very busy person!) however when I have free time I love reading and outdoor activities. Feel free to text or email me any queries you may have - I will respond as soon as I can In Sha Allah.

Tel. 07853964577

Kiran Bali

Kiran Bali MBE JP

Hindu Faith Adviser and Interfaith Minister

Kiran can help with spiritual, religious and general advice and guidance and can be contacted on the email address below. If you wish to meet up with her, you can either meet her at the University, or at the Shree Sita Ram Hindu Temple, 20 Zetland Street, Huddersfield.