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Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions. These questions are designed to help you choose an aspect of our service that will benefit you and your needs.

I have no money for food- what can I do?

In the first instance, we would strongly advise you contact the Student Finance office and discuss your situation. If your situation is affecting your wellbeing and you feel that speaking to one of our advisers would help, please get in touch.

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How do I book a counselling appointment?

To book a counselling appointment, the easiest way to approach this is by visiting the Wellbeing Drop-in which is held daily at 11.00am. You will be able to discuss a variety of options with one of the Wellbeing Advisers to get the best support for your needs.  

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I am not happy with my living arrangements- what can I do?

Come along to the Wellbeing Drop-in, held daily at 11.00am. Taking this first step to discuss your situation will allow you to explore the options available to you.

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I am worried about a friend/housemate- who can give me advice?

We strongly advise that you attend the Wellbeing Drop-in, held daily at 11.00am, where you will be able to voice your concerns with one of our advisers.  You will be able to explore the best option for both yourself and your friend/housemate in moving forward.  You may find that your worries have affected you more than you realise, and we can provide you with support in dealing with this.  

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I’m in a muddle- who can help?

Wellbeing and Disability Services deal with varied and complex situations that students may face, so come along to our Drop-in which is held daily at 11.00am.  Here, you will be able to explore possible solutions with one of our advisers. We can also put you in contact with other services that may be relevant to you, both internal and external to the University.  You will be able to make follow-up appointments for ongoing suport, until such a time as your issues are resolved.  

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I’m feeling homesick- can I speak to someone?

Absolutely!  Feeling homesick is extremely common and the chances are that you are not alone as most students feel homesick at some point during their time at University. Sometimes there may be complex reasons for missing home, but often it’s just the familiarity of friends and family.  Come to the Wellbeing Drop-in at 11.00am, Monday to Friday and speak to one of our advisers.  In the short term, a phone call home is always a good boost. 

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I have confidence issues- is there any support available?

Yes, one of our workshops is specifically for this and is open to any student free of charge.  Have a look on our website to see when the workshop is running and also speak to one of our advisers either at the Wellbeing Drop-in which runs daily at 11.00am, or book an appointment.  

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I need a letter to prove my claim for extenuating circumstances- where can I get this?

Our Wellbeing Advisers can provide you with support around your particular circumstances and help you in the process of making your claim.  Come to the Wellbeing Drop-in or make an appointment.  

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I’ve just discovered that I am pregnant- what support is available?

Our dedicated Student parents web page has useful information about support offered by the University and external agencies.  If you want to talk your options through with one of our advisers, come along to the Wellbeing Drop-in at 11.00am, Monday to Friday.  

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What childcare is available for my child/children?

Visit our dedicated Student parents web page where you will find links to external agencies offering childcare within the Kirklees area.

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I am a care leaver- who do I go to for support?

Wellbeing and Disability Services offer support to all care leavers studying here at the University.  Email. explaining that you are a care leaver looking for support.  You will then be able to make an appointment to meet with Rebecca Hayes, our Support Co-ordinator for Care leavers and vulnerable adults, to discuss the support you would like.  She will also be able to put you in contact with both internal and external services that may be able to offer additional support.  See our dedicated web-page for further information.

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I have family problems- who can I talk to?

We are able to offer support to any student experiencing difficulties so please come and talk to us.  The easiest way to do this is by visiting our Drop-in service which runs daily at 11.00am.  You will be able to speak to an Adviser about your difficulties and discuss possible options.

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I have had a bereavement and don’t know what to do- is there anything the University can do?

We understand that dealing with bereavement is extremely difficult, especially when you are trying to manage your studies alongside this.  Our service runs bereavement groups which are facilitated by a Wellbeing Adviser and allow you to explore your feelings with other students in a similar situation.  Please see our Workshops and Groups web page for more information.  To find out if this route of support is right for you, visit our daily Drop-in service at 11.00am and have a chat with an Adviser.

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I want to report a hate crime- how do I do this?

Everything you need to know is on our Student Safety web page and our advisers can give support if you need to talk to someone.   Come to the Wellbeing Drop-in or make an appointment.  Alternatively, you could go to the Students' Union Advice Centre.  

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I am being harassed by a fellow student- who can help me?

Don't struggle on your own, speak to an adviser during our daily Drop-in at 11.00am or alternatively book an appointment. If the situation is threatening, abusive, violent, bullying or harmful in any way then we suggest you report this formally as a Hate crime. Visit our Student Safety page to see how you can do this.  

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I am being stalked- who do I contact?

In the first instance attend the Wellbeing daily Drop-in at 11.00am and discuss your concerns with an Adviser.  You can also go to the Students' Union Advice Centre who offer help and support.

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I’m worried about my son/daughter but can’t seem to get hold of them- can anyone help?

You can contact the iPoint team on 01484 471001 and explain your concerns.  Details will then be passed on to one of our advisers who will be able to work with you and your son/daughter if required.

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