Group workshop feedback

These are some of the comments students made about the group workshops.

  • Everyone is in the same boat.  It’s relaxed; no pressure. It has been a good experience and worth coming here.
  • I enjoyed listening to other group members talking about their experiences and realising that I’m not the only person alone.  I have learned not to be afraid of talking to others.
  • It was good fun.  Interesting discussions.  I'm a little bit sad that it has come to an end.
  • It made me believe in myself and realise that miracles do not happen; work needs to be done to achieve success at every level.
  • I feel the information given has really made an impact on me. I’m going to grow a sunflower to remind me to grow my confidence and remember everything I have learnt. (Grow Your Confidence Workshop).
  • I have made some friends I will keep in touch with.  Things have changed in a positive way and life has become more comfortable knowing I have some good friends to contact.  I believe it will help me with every aspect of my life.
  • Recognising when you are not being mindful and then being able to bring yourself back stands out for me.  Being in the present has been a very awakening experience. (Mindfulness course).
  • I love listening to myself and giving something my entire attention.
  • I've learned to take in all of the experiences around us, and accept the things which I cannot control.
  • I think I will carry on with the mindfulness meditation practice for the rest of my life.  It is very grounding. (Mindfulness course).