Investment Readiness Programme

Investment Readiness Programme

The University’s Enterprise Team has always striven to provide the best support possible for its emerging entrepreneurial students and graduates exploring business start-up.

Wherever additional value can be created, it actively seeks collaborative opportunities with external partners and from 2008 to 2013, was the lead partner in the ERDF funded, Graduate Entrepreneurship Programme. That programme created the foundation of a network of Enterprise Education staff across the 10 Yorkshire-based universities, and those relationships are still actively maintained to the present day.

With such a history of collaboration, it made sense to maximize the value of the proposed ICAEW Investment Readiness Programme, by introducing it across the Yorkshire region, once plans started to be formed.

Five years after its inception, it seemed an appropriate time to reflect on the programme to date, and we are delighted to present some insights in this IRP Impact Report.

Students at Investment Readiness 2019