Changing course?

Are you thinking about changing course?

If you are thinking about changing course then we recommend that you book a 45 minute appointment with us to discuss your options.

Changing course is a big decision. Sometimes, changing course is the ideal thing for you to do if you aren’t enjoying your current course or if your career plans have changed. If you are thinking of changing from your current course because you are struggling with your studies then you may want to look into the Back on Track service to support you as well as speaking with your tutor.

Here is a little bit of useful information to consider before your appointment with us:

Types of course change

Changing course during the same academic year

You are able to change course during the same year, click below to find out how to do so!

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Changing course for the next academic year

If you are looking to change course starting from the next academic year, discover the steps required

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Changing course to different university

Looking to change courses to a different University? Find out the support we offer for that.

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Checklist for changing course

Before you fully make your decision we have put together a little checklist which could help you with your decision as well as the correct steps to follow

  • Meet with Back on Track who will give you time to explore your issues and discuss different support options.

  • Speak to your Personal Tutor about your current course concerns.
  • Contact us for help with making your decision - we offer confidential and impartial careers information, advice and guidance. 

  • Contact Student Finance to fully understand any financial implications of your choice.

  • If you are considering changing to another course within the University, try to speak to the Admission Tutor for that course.

  • The Student Union Advice Centre offers free, confidential and impartial advice on a range of matters.  You can find them in Student Central level 5.