The Global Professional Award (GPA) is an innovative programme designed to equip University of Huddersfield undergraduates with the tools needed for success at university and to thrive in their chosen field after graduation*.

During the three years of this programme, you will develop key skills and knowledge in:

• Employability and Entrepreneurship
• Wellbeing
• Global and Social Awareness

* The programme is available to students of full-time, undergraduate first degrees with a minimum duration of three years. This does not include postgraduate, foundation, top-up, accelerated or apprenticeship degrees.

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Find out more about the inspiring Global Professional Award programme as told by our students, Laura and Aqeel, with programme information provided by Claire Aydogan (Head of Careers and Employability) and James Forde (GPA programme manager).

What can students gain from doing the programme?


Benefits of completing the GPA

Explore the benefits of doing the GPA programme.




Develop your graduate attributes

Huddersfield's Graduate Attributes are designed to help you gain a competitive edge in the graduate workplace, and you will develop them all within the GPA.


Find out what students have to say about the GPA

We love to hear your feedback. Find out what others have said about the GPA programme.


GPA Process

What does it take to be successful in the Global Professional Award programme?


Year 1

Going into your first year of GPA? Discover what you have in store! For further details, please refer to your course in Brightspace.


Year 2

Learn all about what's to come on the second year of the GPA programme. For further details, please refer to your course in Brightspace.


Year 3

Learn all about what's to come on the final year of the GPA programme. For further details, please refer to your course in Brightspace.

Meet the team

Meet the Global Professional Award team and discover who you may be working with over the next few years.

Contacting us

For any other information about the Global Professional Award, feel free to reach out to us.


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