DSA forms and useful links

Below are a number of useful links to support you in applying for the Disabled Students' Allowance and in arranging your support.

DSA forms and useful links

DSA1 application form

For postgraduate, part-time and full-time students not applying for student finance or applying by post.

DSA Slim application form

For full-time, undergraduate students who are applying for student finance or have already applied.

Disability evidence form

You can ask a medical professional to complete this form instead of a letter or report.

DSA Evidence

What evidence do I need to apply for the Disabled Students' Allowance?

Further information

General information about the Disabled Students' Allowance on the UK government website.

DSA laptop contribution

Find out if you are eligible for support with the £200 contribution towards a laptop.

Applied before 26 February 2024?

DSA information for student who applied for DSA before 26 February 2024

Funding bodies

DSA is administered by your funding body who can provide further information on how to apply.

StudyTech Needs Assessment

Contact details and booking an assessment


Contact us

For any further support or queries, please get in touch with Disability Services at disability@hud.ac.uk.