How is my support put in place?

Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP)

Once you have provided evidence of a disability, you will have a conversation with a Disability Adviser who will put together a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP). This is a document that recommends adjustments for your academic studies. This can be adjustments in the teaching and learning setting, in exams and assessments, practical or performance sessions and placements. The PLSP is a flexible document and the recommendations made can change depending on your circumstances and the demands of your course. It is an electronic document and held on your student file. You can access your PLSP on MyHud, click on My Details and visit the accessibility tab.

How do staff know about my requirements? 

The PLSP is shared with staff across the University who work with you. When you register with the Disability Service you are asked to give your consent to share your information. If you do not agree to this, we are unable to share your PLSP with staff and the adjustments will not be made. The PLSP can be used a basis for a conversation with staff you work with to discuss your support needs.

How do I review my PLSP?

If the impact of your condition changes, or you have a diagnosis of a new disability please contact the Disability Service to make an appointment with an adviser.

What if I do not agree with my PLSP content?

 If you do not agree with the content of the PLSP or feel that it is not being acknowledged, please contact Disability Services to discuss.