Frequently Asked Questions

How is my student finance paid?

If your application is fully approved by Student Finance England (SFE), once you have enrolled on your course the University will electronically confirm your attendance to SFE. When SFE receive this electronic confirmation it triggers the release of the first payment into your account, which is usually 3-5 days from the day you enrol.

How do I check, or change, my bank details with SFE?

Any changes you need to make with SFE you should always do so by logging in to your online account with SFE. SFE will never email you asking you to click on a link to check / change your personal information such as bank details (fraudsters will though).

Do you provide the letter I need to open a bank account?

We don’t, but if you see the iPoint in Student Central you will be able to collect one here. They also provide Council Tax Exemption certificates.

I have a finance issue I don’t wish to discuss at the helpdesk, what should I do?

We offer private appointments if you would like to discuss any finance issues confidentially, these can be for either 30 minutes or an hour in length. Alternatively, we can also discuss any issues over the phone or via email

I set up a Recurring Card Payment (RCP) to pay my Tuition Fees, but I’ve replaced my bank card, what should I do?

You can phone 01484 472210 or go and see our Finance Helpdesk in Student Central with your new card, and we can change your details so the fee payment will be taken from the correct card.

I don’t know if I’m going on placement next year or straight to final year, how should I apply for my student finance?

It’s best to apply for whichever scenario you think is most likely, choosing your course on the Student Finance England (SFE) website (year 3 of the 4 year option is placement year, year 3 of the 3 year course is going straight to final year). If any of the course details change you can notify SFE of the changes so they can update your application.