Support for international students

Careers Support for International Students

Welcome to our page on how we support International Students with their career aspirations at the University of Huddersfield Careers and Employability Service. In this section you can find resources to support your employability, tips and tricks to further develop your employability skills as well as the rest of our offer to you.

Employability tips from an International Student!

Rumana Khan is a second year Early Childhood and Education BA(Hons) student, hear how she managed to secure a part-time role through building her experience via volunteering. 

Rumana initially built her experience volunteering as an Academic rep through the Students Union which then gave her the exact experience to progress on to a paid Academic Rep Assistant role.

In addition to volunteering and part-time roles, Rumana also recommends International Students to get involved with the International Student Societies and to come see the Careers and Employability Service!

Our top 5 tips for International Students

  • JobShop and part-time jobs
    Use the University JobShop
     to find vacancies, including part-time jobs and student jobs at the University

  • National Insurance Number
    Check whether you have a National Insurance Number, this is required for anyone to work in the UK whether that's a graduate job or part-time job. Check out our section just below on how to apply for one.

  • Check out our webpages
    Since you're already here, feel free to browse the rest of our website, there's loads of helpful information for you on the rest of our website.
  • UKCISA Support
    UKCISA has useful information on a huge range of topics, from information about VISAs, to advice on opening a bank account in the UK.

  • Workers rights and wage
    Learn about the rights workers have under UK Law, including the right to be paid the minimum wage and other employment rights (students with part-time jobs are covered by the same laws as full-time permanent staff)

Top Tips for Making Yourself Employable as an International Student

Here's our Top 5 tips for International Students from our speciliast Careers Consultant for International, Julie Bhagat. In this video she shares with you some of her favourite pieces of advice for improving your employability as an International student.


These tips include:

  • Visiting the UKCISA website for tips on a wide range of topics
  • Taking courses to boost writtenand spoken English
  • Joining LinkedIn

plus a few more helpful tips. 

VISA Information

The UK Tier Visa system is a points-based visa category system.

Applicants must score a minimum number of points on an assessment test to be eligible for a visa. The test takes into consideration such factors as:

  • age
  • fluency in the English language

and other factors dependent on the specific Tier under which you apply. If you're an International students and want to explore the VISA options available to you, find out more below