What does safeguarding encompass?

Statutory Safeguarding

Statutory Safeguarding: applies to children (those under 18) and adults with care and support needs. Where you are concerned about abuse or the wellbeing of such individuals you MUST report any concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Officers (Section 4.3 of the Safeguarding Policy provides detailed guidance on what must be reported)

Prevent (statutory) duty: a key aspect of the Prevent Duty affecting Higher Education is to ensure members of the University community that may be vulnerable to radicalisation or being drawn into terrorism are passed without unnecessary delay to trained professionals external to the University who are qualified to assess and manage such situations. You MUST report any concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Officers who are also trained to discern the safeguarding, wellbeing and Prevent matters arising from referrals.


Ofsted Expectations

Ofsted Safeguarding Expectations are grounded in statutory safeguarding but a wider purview is set out in paragraph 267-269 of Ofsted’s Further education and skills handbook  which details  examples of ineffective safeguarding.  Consequently Ofsted inspections will consider if:

  • learners’ behaviour towards each other is unsafe, putting learners at risk of harm;
  • incidents of bullying or prejudiced and discriminatory behaviour, either direct or indirect, are common
  • learners have little confidence that the provider will address concerns about their safety, including concerns about the risk of abuse
  • learners or particular groups of learners do not feel safe in the provider, the workplace, in a subcontractor’s premises or online
  • leaders and managers do not handle safeguarding allegations about staff members and learners appropriately
  • leaders and managers do not have suitable arrangements for learners to raise concerns, for identifying vulnerable adults or for managing safe recruitment
  • leaders fail to protect learners from the dangers of radicalisation and extremism in accordance with the ‘Prevent’ duty guidance


Student Wellbeing and Protection

The Office for Students has  detailed a range of expectations regarding Student wellbeing and protection. This includes a Statement of expectation regarding harassment and sexual misconduct, reference to the Prevent Duty, guidance of student mental health, student safety and wellbeing. 

Ofsted’s safeguarding expectations and the Office for Students’ expectations are analogous to the work many University colleagues and services undertake as we take an interest in and take care of our students and their progress. The section Keeping students safe in School and on course details the arrangements the University has in place to look after student’s wellbeing and in effect how we meet both general Duty of Care to our students and Ofsted’s inspection expectations.