Artificial Intelligence guidance for students

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E offer some great opportunities and are likely to be a feature of the world you graduate into or are already working in. However the tools can be misused which might lead to privacy concerns, academic integrity breaches or ethical issues. These pages are here to help you to understand how and when to use AI safely.

You should expect to see clear statements in assignment briefs about whether using AI is acceptable.  Our general principle is that the work you hand in must be your own, and where it is acceptable to make use of AI, you need to acknowledge this.

The Academic Integrity module on Brightspace includes some more information on some of the ways in which misusing AI could lead to you breaching the University's Academic Misconduct regulations. You should complete this module each year to make sure that you are up to date with the latest developments.


Principles for using AI

The six principles for safely and ethically using AI


University Assessment Regulations

The University regulations were updated in August 2023 to include guidance about using Artificial Intelligence in assessments


Library Referencing Guide

Learn how to cite AI tools in APA 7th


Guidelines for assistive technology users

These guidelines clarify acceptable use of AI for students who have been recommended to use software which checks grammar or summarises articles.