PC facilities on campus

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Computers on campus for student use

There are PCs and Macs available to ALL members of the University, in the Library in the Schwann Building.

There also two 24/7 rooms, containing 32 PCs and 20 Macs, located near the atrium on level 4 of the Schwann Building.

There is also a list of software available on Schwann Building computers.


Most Schools have their own PC/Mac facilities for students to use.  Staff associated with your course will tell you about your locally available facilities.

The software available in the School of Music, Humanities and Media is given on the following link:



The software available in the School of Computing and Engineering is given on the following links:

http://scenrooms.hud.ac.uk/  and https://intranet.hud.ac.uk/scentech/resources/software/


Huddersfield Business School software: Business School software

School of Human and Health software: HHS software

Business School Software

Learn of the softwares available for business PC rooms BSG/25 and BS2/39.

HHS Software

Find out the software available within R/122, R/135, HW218 and HW219.