Web Payments for Printing

Web Payments for Printing

You can print to student printers on campus if you have credit on your account.

You can add credit to your account by using our web payments system at http://webpay.hud.ac.uk/print

The system will ask you for your login name and password as shown on the screenshot below.  You also have to agree to the terms and conditions.  Then click to continue.

You will be shown your login name for confirmation, together with the amount of print credit that you currently have.

Then you can add from £2 to £50 to your account.  In the screenshot, £5 is going to be bought.  There will be an option to enter credit card details when you click continue.

Always read the screen carefully to ensure that you are in a dialogue to buy print credits.

If you have problems with the system then please contact IT Support .