Office365 Apps

The Office365 suite gives access not only to email, but also to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.  You can use the online (cloud) version of these applications and save files on you OneDrive, or download the application to your own device.


Use software 'in the cloud'

When you're in Office365 / UniMail, you can create new files using the online (cloud) versions of these apps.  See the selection on the 'nine squares' in the top left corner.  


Download Office365 applications to your PC, laptop or mobile (via UniMail)

As a student with a UniMail account, you are able to download up to 5 instances of Office365 to your PC or laptop.  When you're in UniMail, simply click on the settings cog, top right of the screen, and under Your app settings, select Office365.  Then select software to see the applications that are available to download - the apps for Macs may not be the same as the apps for PCs (windows). 

Some applications are available for mobile devices (phones or tablets).  From software, select phone & tablet , then select your device to see what is available.  The links will take you to further information, and also lead to appropriate links for downloads for your device (such as iTunes or Google play).

There are more details on our Office365-AppsDownloadGuide.

Further information is available on the HudHelp for KI 0081 and KI 3267.

Office365 apps for iPads (via iTunes store)

Microsoft have launched their Office for iPads apps to the iTunes Store.

All apps are free to download to be used for viewing documents.  To use the full features (editing and creating documents) you can activate the apps using your UniMail details, as this acts as your Office365 account details.