Post Graduate Researcher Email

‌For many years, the Post Graduate Researcher (PGR) email service was provided by the University alongside the staff email system.  The undergraduate student email service has been provided outside the University by Microsoft's Office365 service - we call this service UniMail.

All PGRs were transferred to Office365/UniMail during December 2016, in response to feedback from PGRs keen to enjoy the same benefits of the UniMail service as undergraduate students. 

Further information about Office365 can be found here: UniMail setup on mobiles

Accessing PGR Office365 Email

Using Outlook on a PC

Using Outlook, UniMail will connect automatically. 

If you find a problem with this automatic connection, then follow these instructions to attach your UniMail account manually: Add-PGROffice365-Outlook-PC

Using a Mac

Follow these instructions to configure Mac Mail PGRmail-MacMail or Outlook on a PGRmail-MacOutlook.‌

Via MyHud

If you have problems accessing your email via MyHud, then please contact

Using the Web

To access UniMail via  the web, go to and click the 'Continue into UniMail' link.  In the login box, put (for example, and enter your usual University password.

On a mobile device

Connection details for many devices are here: UniMail setup on mobiles


Understanding Your Email Address

Your UniMail account has three email addresses. The mail address from which email is sent, is: (some people will have a number, N, to distinguish between duplicate names). A friendly display name of Firstname Lastname (Researcher) will be displayed to those you have sent emails to.

The other two standard addresses attached to the account are and

Some PGRs may have other additional addresses the Office365 PGR email, depending on account history.