Register with Disability Services

To get started with Disability Services, please first register with the service. Registering with the service gives us the opportunity to learn more about you so we can put in place the best possible support. You can register prior to arrival at the University and even prior to getting your A Level (or equivalent) results. 

The registration process

• Click 'register now' below to access the simple online registration form 
• You will be asked personal information, including your name and date of birth
• You will be asked to provide evidence of your disability via email, via post or in person. Please see Disability Services Frequently Asked Questions for more details of evidence requirements
• If you do not yet have evidence of your disability, you can still register with us
• The registration form should take around 5 minutes to complete.


We recommend registering with the service as early as possible. You can do this anytime, anywhere - just click the button below!


Register with Disability Services

Please note: If you require subtitles, it is best to view the video in Google Chrome, or alternatively watch the video on YouTube