Reading Well

Working in conjunction with the library, our Reading Well selection provides you with key reading materials on a variety of wellbeing topics. You can read some of these materials online, or retrieve them from the library. 


Support on dealing with anger and learning how to manage it

Anxiety, worry and panic

Support around anxiety, worry and panic disorders 

Chronic fatigue

Support for those suffering with chronic fatigue

Depression and mood

Discover helpful resources in coping and defeating depression and low mood

Health anxiety

Find ways of coping with health anxiety


Ways to live life to the fullest!


Help calm your mind and body with mindfulness

Obsessions and compulsions

Understanding obsessions and compulsions


Support in dealing with phobias

Postnatal depression

Support for those who have experienced, or know someone experiencing, postnatal depression


Support in relationships and overcoming heartbreak

Self-esteem and shyness

Support in feeling good and boosting your self-esteem and overcoming shyness


Support dealing with sleep problems and insomnia


Get help with stress management and ways to relax