Getting essentials


It is possible to arrange to have prescribed medications delivered to your address. This useful NHS accessing medications guide explains how to arrange for your medication to be delivered. Alternatively during periods of self-isolation, when you are unable to leave the house you may want to ask a trusted friend to collect your medication on your behalf. Whatever option you choose it is important to ensure that you take any regular prescribed medications consistently and don't miss these during periods where you are required to self-isolate.


Food and provisions

You will need enough essential items to last you throughout your isolation period.

If you have a trusted friend, they may be able to assist with shopping for you during this time. However, an easy way to do this is to arrange a food delivery from one of the main supermarkets: 

You may want to be prepared and have some essential items stored away in case you have to self-isolate. See our suggestions below for ideas of what you might want to have in stock:

  • Non-perishable items
    Tinned soups, beans, tinned meat or fish, pasta, rice, noodles, cereal, crackers, tea and coffee, UHT/long-life milk
  • Toiletries and other provisions
    Toilet roll, toothpaste, shower gel, sanitary products, cleaning items such as disinfectant spray or wipes.

Food from local takeaways or food delivery services may also be appropriate but consider how sustainable this will be for a period of isolation, from both a financial and health perspective.

If you are struggling to organise a delivery of your essential items contact for a discussion about what support is available.



Having to self-isolate may impact upon your finances. You may find that you are unable to attend your part-time job and that this impacts upon your income. See the information below with regards to the Test and Trace Support Payment to see if you would be eligible.


Test and Trace Support Payment

If you've been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace and meet the specified criteria, you may be eligible for financial support. Please see the Kirklees website for full details on the criteria and how you can apply.


International students

It is important to ensure that you have the required funds to be able to make online purchases whilst in the UK. If you are required to self-isolate due to covid-19 you may need to make online food purchases and will require a credit or debit card in order to do so. Before you come to the UK you should consider obtaining a debit/credit card that can be pre-loaded with an amount of money that will ensure you have funds to make purchases whilst you are here. There are a number of products on the market such as Monzo, Revolut, etc.