Share and Support



Anti-social behaviour of any kind is never okay. Share your experience anonymously or provide your contact details.


About Share and Support

Learn more about what Share and Support is and access our range of marketing materials.



There are many forms of bullying, and lots of support services that can help victims of bullying.


Discrimination can be direct or indirect. Discover the definition of each and find out how we can help.


Harassment comes in many forms. Discover the different ways you may be being harassed, and how we can help.

Hate crimes and hate incidents

Hate crimes and hate incidents are serious and often go unreported. Find out what a hate crime is and the support you can access.

Sexual violence and sexual assault

Discover what sexual violence and assault is, your reporting options and the support available to you.

Policy and guidance

There are a range of policies in place to support students at the University. Discover them all here!

Support services

The University offers a range of support services to suit your needs.

Emergency contacts

If you are in danger or need instant support, contact one of our recommended emergency contacts.


togetherall is a 24/7 mental health support network available to all students at the University.