Workshops and groups

Autumn/Winter 2023


Autism Lunch Club

Join others with Autistic Spectrum Condition at our weekly lunch club (term time only).


Learning to Pause course

This course is centred around mindfulness, enabling you to develop the ability to become more “present” and develop greater flexibility and resourcefulness in the face of stress.


Learn to Like Yourself

In this 5-week course you’ll explore ways to grow your self-worth, manage self-criticism and challenge negative beliefs you hold about yourself.


Therapeutic Writing

Learn about a simple and rewarding way to support wellbeing through developing self-expression and making space for reflection

Workshops and Support Groups


Bereavement Support Group

A closed group offering a place for sharing and expressing what you are experiencing in relation to a recent or historical bereavement.


Racism, Trauma and the impact on our wellbeing

A closed group offering a space for students to think about issues that include oppression and oppresive practices, the impact of racism on both the individual and the collective group, intersectionality; the impact of racism on physical and mental health; and the nature of trauma.