Racism, trauma and the impact on our wellbeing

What is Racism, Trauma and the impact on our wellbeing?

The discussion and support group offers a space for students to think about issues that include oppression and oppressive practices, the impact of racism on both the individual and the collective group; intersectionality; the impact of racism on physical and mental health; and the nature of trauma. It will enable discussion on the way racism is internalised and on processes of assimilation that can create voiceless-ness; Ancestral Trauma. The group will share ways in which we can enable, learn and promote our good health and wellbeing.


The structure of the 4-week group

Allows each session to have its own agreed theme, content and plan offered by the facilitator as an agreed schedule of topics and co-created with the group

  • Our uniqueness and difference as well as our sameness’s are welcomed and acknowledged.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to commit to all sessions to enable support in a consistent way and for the group to get to know each other.
  • Personal content is confidential to the group, and no one is encouraged to share any more than they wish.
  • The ground rules of the group are set out in a ‘group agreement’. These can be added to by the whole group and with agreement from the whole group.
  • Prior to the group starting the facilitator will meet briefly with each person to arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss your general expectations and answer any important questions you may have.  This is designed to support each person and is an opportunity to ‘say hello’ before the group begins to meet. 
  • A Record of attendees, only, is kept on our service database
  • Feedback sheets will be offered at the end of the series of meetings


Being in a group can be helpful and a powerful source of support. It can at times also feel exposing, especially given the subject matter and at the beginning when everyone is getting a sense of working together. Participants may wish to identify someone or something, that supports them, that is caring and affirming of them between sessions.


It will be a closed group of approximately 10 people facilitated by a member of the counselling team, Venessa Ama, who identifies as Black, amongst other. Vanessa is a Student Services Counsellor and psychotherapist with special interests that include race, identity, trauma and social justice.

The group is for students who are Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic people and People of Colour*


*As with all people, those attending the meeting will be part of (and will represent) a diverse group, with nuanced, rich and complex narratives that cannot be adequately or appropriately expressed by the acronym B.A.M.E*

The acronym ‘B.A.M.E’ (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) is acknowledged to be a contested term, for important reasons.


When is it?

The support group will run every Wednesday weekly for 4 weeks from 18 January 2023.


How do I book?

To express your interest in the group please email counselling@hud.ac.uk. You will then be contacted by the group facilitator who will arrange a one-to-one appointment to discuss your expectations and answer any questions.


Any more questions?

If you any more queries about the workshops, please contact studentwellbeing@hud.ac.uk.