Careers and Employability FAQS

We hope you have found all the information you need across our webpages, booklets and Resource Hub however we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on specific topics below that may not be covered in other areas of the site.

Ask a question

Have a quick question about your career or looking for a second opinion on your CV or job application?

Book an appointment

Looking to book an appointment with one of our careers advisers?

Specialist Information FAQs

Further study

What are the different types of postgraduate study and how do I apply?

Global opportunities

What are global opportunities?

Changing course

What are my options when looking to change course?

Applicant FAQs

What does the Careers & Employability Service do?

Discover what the Careers and Employability Service does for our students and alumni.

Careers support

When can I start using the Careers Service?

How can you help with finding part-time work?

Discover how we support our students in gaining work alongside their studies.

Changing career plans

Can I change my career plan after starting my course?

Career options

What are the career options with my chosen course?

How can I research career options further?

Whether it's a specific job, a sector or careers generally, here's how to put in some extra research.