Graduate career readiness: Develop

Thinking of making a career move or simply gaining some new skills? These confidence-boosting resources can help!

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Career development is a lifelong process and developing new skills, knowledge and experience can help you to excel in your current career pathway or facilitate a move in a different direction. The resources on this page can support you to develop in your career by learning industry-specific skills, reflecting on your training needs or considering if a new opportunity might be right for you.

  • Fill in a reflection log to help you reflect on how your career is progressing and if there are any new opportunities you might want to consider, or ways to undertake further development within your current activity.
  • Consider whether Postgraduate study 2023 might be the right option for you.
  • Complete our self-development tool to discover if now is the right time for you to consider further study or professional development.
  • Use sites like the Skills Toolkit, Openlearn and Coursera to build knowledge in different areas via free bite-sized courses and micro-credentials.
  • Book a confidential Careers guidance appointment with our Careers Consultants to discuss any career development questions you might have.


GradSkills Courses

Regional GradSkills courses are designed to help graduates from 2018 onward develop the career management skills needed for work.

Skills Bootcamps

Skills Bootcamps are free training courses provided by the UK government that can help individuals gain skills and training in different industries.

LinkedIn Alumni Society

Join the alumni community on LinkedIn and network with 15,000+ alumni.



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