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The Careers Service is here to support our graduates and help you with finding out about employment opportunities, employer events on campus, information about postgraduate study and much more! 


Access our resources

As a graduate you can access all of our resources, including JobShop, appointment booking and psychometric tests.


As a graduate you have access to MyCareer. Here you can search for jobs, book and manage appointments, book events and ask us a question!

MyCareer Plus

As a graduate you have access to MyCareer Plus. Here you can check your CV, practice interviews and assesssments centres, watch screencasts and more. 

MyCareer ResourceHub

As a graduate you have access to MyCareer ResourceHub. Discover information about what roles are available in different sectors, graduate opportunities, global opportunities and more... 

Events, Internships and Graduate Outcomes


Discover the events you're entitled to as a graduate!


The Huddersfield Graduate Internship Programme is available to final years and graduates of up to 1 year

Graduate Outcomes

The Graduate Outcomes survey is vital to the University, discover why we need your support in filling it out!