Graduate career readiness: Decide

Choosing between different career ideas? Then there are lots of things you can do to make making a decision easier.

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Career decisions are rarely set in stone and there is almost always scope to change direction during your career but weighing up the potential benefits and drawbacks of different options can be useful for helping you make a clear, informed decision about your next move. The resources below are a great starting point for helping you make career decisions that feel right for you!

Career Decision Making resources

Because making a career decision can be tricky, we specially created a set of Sway resources for you to use.

Still feeling stuck?

If you've looked through our Career Decision Making resources but still aren't sure, we have a few more tips that could help.



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Graduate Outcomes

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Alumni benefits

Find out about the support you can continue to access as a graduate, from professional development to help starting your own business.

Enterprise support for life

Thinking of going freelance or starting your own business? The Enterprise is here to help you throughout your working life!