Graduate career readiness: Prepare

Got an idea of what you want to do but not sure how to get there? Let's help you work out the next steps!

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Even once you have a potential career direction in mind, there's still plenty to consider, such as understanding what knowledge, skills and experience might be needed for the pathways you are interested in, or how you could gain relevant experience in an industry you are wanting to learn more about. The resources below can help you to think about the things you might need to do to put yourself in the best position for the career you want before you start applying for opportunities.

Position yourself for success

Prepare for your career by researching job markets and opportunities

Looking for ways to gain more experience?

Explore types of work experience and useful sites to find opportunities



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Go forward to the Apply stage

Graduate Outcomes

Find out more about the national Graduate Outcomes survey and how your feedback can help the university to better support our graduates!

Alumni benefits

Find out about the support you can continue to access as a graduate, from professional development to help starting your own business.

Enterprise support for life

Thinking of going freelance or starting your own business? The Enterprise is here to help you throughout your working life!