Part time jobs

What are part time jobs?

Part-time jobs are not only a way of earning money alongside your degree but also an excellent way to gain work experience that you can include on your CV when applying for graduate jobs. You can find part-time jobs through the JobShop which includes jobs in the town centre, local area and at the University. There are a range of opportunities to apply for, from bar/restaurant work to retail to admin and also industry work which could relate to the area you would like to get into, such as, social media, graphic design or translation work. Want to find out how to go about getting a part time job? Log in and watch our How to screen cast on MyCareer Plus

Working hours

The recommended number of hours to work alongside your degree is 15 hours maximum a week to ensure the job does not negatively impact on your university work or timetable. All part-time jobs on the JobShop are paid at least the minimum wage and are no more than the recommended 15 hours a week.