Part-time jobs and work experience

Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs are not only a way of earning money alongside your degree but also an excellent way to gain work experience that you can include on your CV when applying for graduate roles or placements. There a range of opportunities to apply for in the local area from bar/restaurant work to retail and admin, or you may find a role in an industry that relates to your area of interest and degree subject.

Working hours

The recommended number of hours to work alongside your degree is 15 hours maximum a week to ensure the job does not negatively impact on your university work or timetable.

International students

As an international student you will be able to work in the UK alongside your degree in line with the restrictions allocated on your visa. Please check your visa for the number of hours you can work during vacation periods. For further information visit our international area

Work experience

Graduate employers really value your degree but also want to see additional evidence of your practical abilities through work experience, volunteering or extra-curricular activities. Work experience is a great way to develop key employability skills, put theory from your course into practice, build a network, identify job sectors that you may be interested in pursuing when you graduate and get a work-based reference which is vital for your CV.

Types of work experience

  • Voluntary work - Unpaid time spent working for an organisation, often a charity.
  • Vacation placements/Summer internships - industry experience undertaken during your vacation periods, lasting anything from two weeks to three months.
  • Work shadowing - observing someone during their working day to develop your knowledge of a career path or sector, lasting between one day and one week.
  • Industrial/Sandwich placements - A great way to immerse yourself in a specific role or industry, lasting between one to 48 weeks.