International students

International students and graduates

What help can I receive from the Enterprise Team? 

The vast majority of our support services are available to international students at Huddersfield University and are designed to support you in exploring venture creation opportunities. These include: 

  • Enterprise Workshops
  • Pitch Club
  • Boot Camp
  • Enactus

Find out more about our latest events here, we'd love to see you.

How can I start a business in the UK?

While you are on a student visa you cannot start a business or engage in any freelance or self-employment work, doing so risks your visa being revoked.

However, there are two options for you to start a business or be self-employed after you graduate, which are the:

To be eligible for either of these visas, you need to successfully graduate from your course.

If you are a current student at the University and wish to discuss your business idea with us, please get in touch with us at and our dedicated business advisor will give guidance on your options.

For more information about applying and eligibility for the visas, please speak to the International Office