Quick Start

Congratulations on enrolling!

All students will have scheduled sessions on campus and in the digital learning environment. All scheduled sessions for distance learning students are online.

Key elements of your entry to the University will be through our online services.   

This quick start guide will support you in getting started and finding your way around the online services that will support your learning. 

Hi and welcome!

Please note: it can take 24 hours for your IT account to be activated

If you have recently enrolled, please allow 24 hours for your IT account to be activated. You will then be able to complete the Quick Start guide.


8 steps to getting started

Follow these eight simple steps to get started at the University.


Where to get help

If you are unsure or struggling to get started, please ask for help. Find our range of support to help you on your way.


Your IT checklist

Having the right technical equipment for your studies is important. See our recommended checklist and discover how we can support you.


Frequently asked questions

Get your questions answered in our Quick Start FAQs.



ActiveHud is your place to be active, from social sports, to the gym, fitness and wellbeing classes and even swimming there is something for everyone. 


Your Students' Union

Offering a wide range of social events, clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities as well as independent advice, your Students' Union exists to make student life better.