8 steps to getting started

1. Discover MyHud

Download the MyHud App or log in to MyHud online to get your timetable, email, study resources and more in one easy-access place.

2. Change your password

You are required to change your password to ensure your account is secure. Find out how to here!

3. Log in and learn in Brightspace

Brightspace is your virtual learning environment. This is your go-to for course and academic information. 

4. Access your online Induction resource

Explore the Huddersfield Essentials University Induction 2022 resource and access information and activities to start your year.

5. Check your connection

Check your PC, camera, speakers, microphone and internet connection before you get started!

6. Find your modules, tutors and groups

Your course is made up of modules. Get information, your tutors names and group information related to each!

7. Explore Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the key places we will meet online and learn together.

8. Your Personal Academic Tutor

Every student will be allocated a Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) within their school.

9. You're all set!

You've completed the basics of getting started. Browse the rest of our Quick Start content to get further information, support and guidance.