Student Computer Username and Password

To enable you to use any of our computer systems you have to enter your own username and password. The username can be worked out very easily from your Campus/ID card.

Your username consists of the letter "u" (in upper or lower case) followed by the first 7 digits of your student number.  For the student card shown below, the username is u1234567.
Initially your password is set to your date of birth. For example, the password for a birth date of 9th September 1968 will be 09sep68 (use two numbers for the day and year and three letters for the month).

Your username is the same for all University PC rooms, and online IT systems.  It cannot be changed.  However, you are encouraged to change your password regularly.

New students at the University ? - you will need to wait for 24 hours from the date of registration before you can activate your account in order to access our computing services.

DO NOT let anyone else use your username or discover your password. Allowing other people to use your username is a breach of Computing Regulations and may result in your account being suspended.