Your University account and password

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To use any University Computer facilities, you must enter your own username and password.

If you forget your password, then please contact IT Support, either in person at the Enquiry Desk level 4 of the Library, or via phone or email.

Username and Password

Learn about username and password input data and how to activate you account.

Activating Your Account

Find out step by step how to activate new student accounts and how to prevent account being subject to identity theft.

Change Password

Learn how to change your password on and off campus and the recommended complexity of passwords set.

Storage Space

Learn how much storage space you have on your drive and how you can access it off campus. 

Logging in Problems

Find out information on what to do when your account is locked out and how many attempt before lock out occurs. 

Forgotten password

Discover what to do when you've forgotten your password.