Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why have I been asked for my documents before I have been made an offer?

We request documents as it could be that the information on your application was incomplete.  This could include missing education/work history or a mismatch between your nationality and country of birth.

2. I am a continuing student.  When will I get my student loan?

If you have made your application to the Student Loans Company, you will not receive your loan until you have re-registered with us at the University.  Please note that even if you do re-register prior to term starting you will not receive your loan until the start of term.

3. My record states that I am on a Sandwich course but I am studying on a full-time course with no placement. Do I need to do anything?

Please don't worry, everyone is put on the sandwich route of their course.  At the end of year 2, you can make a choice to progress on to the final year of your course or take the placement year option.  Your academic school will let us know which route you have chosen.  Please remember to apply for the correct course for student finance.

4. Where can I get a letter to open a student bank account or obtain a Council Tax exemption letter?

You can obtain both of these from iPoint once you have enrolled.

5. My employer needs a reference, how do I get this?

Please request a letter from us by emailing  Please note the request from the employer must contain a copy of your consent for us to share this information with them. 

6. I am a dual UK/USA national, but I have never lived in the UK or EU.  Can I pay at the Home/EU rate?

No, as fee status is based on your nationality and where you were living for the 3 years directly before the start of your course.  Even though you are a UK national, you have not lived in the UK or an EU country so therefore, you do not qualify to pay the Home/EU rate.

7. I have permanent residency in an EU country and I’ve been living there for over 3 years but I am not an EU national.  Can I pay fees at the Home/EU rate?

No, as you would be considered an Overseas student because you do not have permanent residency in the UK.  If you are married to or are the civil partner of an EU national, you may qualify to pay fees at the Home/EU rate.

8. I’m in the UK on a visa, can I pay fees at the Home/EU rate?

No, as you are given a length of time that you can stay in the UK.  You would need to have indefinite leave to remain in the UK and have been in the UK for at least 3 years before the course starts and not with the intention of education as your main purpose.

9. I’m not an EU national but my partner is French and we both live in the UK.  Can I pay fees at the Home/EU rate?

If you are not married, you will have to pay the Overseas rate but if you are married or in a civil partnership (same sex), you may be eligible to pay the Home/EU rate.

10. I will have lived in the UK for 3 years a month after my course has started, will I be eligible to change my fee status to Home rates?

No, this is not going to change after you have started your course.  Also, if you acquire settled status (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK after the start of your course, you will still not be entitled to a change of fee status unless you have been granted this as a refugee.

11. What are the University term dates?

You can find the University term dates here.

Please note:
It is your responsibility to clarify your fee status during the application process.  We do carry out a fee assessment during this process, based upon the information we hold.

Contact us:
We are here to help; if you have any queries about your fee status or fee classification, please contact a member of the Student Records team on Tel: 01484 473330 or Email: