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Meet, relax and re-energise

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Group Work

Collaborate and learn

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Independent Study

Study, learn and work

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Below you can find locations of our allocated social, group work and independent study zones. View the campus map to find each of the buildings.

BuildingSocial ZonesGroup Work ZonesIndependent Study Zones
Barbara Hepworth Building Atrium


BH3 balcony area

BH4 balcony area

Charles Sikes Building

The Street

Outside balcony areas around The Street

Final Year Undergraduate Common Room on floor 1

Harold Wilson Building

Ground floor atrium

Floor 1 atrium

Floor 2 atrium

Floor 3 atrium

Haslett Building

Mill Cafe

Balcony on level 1

Rooms available when not being used for teaching: HA2/17  
Heritage Quay

Level 3, Schwann Building

Joseph Priestley Building

Level 1 atrium surrounding stairs

Level 2 atrium surrounding stairs

Level 3 atrium surrounding stairs

Level 4 atrium surrounding stairs

Student Hub (JPSG/31)

Rooms at the rear of Student Hub: JPSG/31a, 31b and 31c

Rooms available when not being used for teaching: JPS1/27, JPS1/45, JPS2/43 and JPS2/26

Corridor study spaces on floor 1 and 2

Corridor space outside JPS2/01

Journalism and Media Building Student Common Room (JM1/04) Student Common Room  
Library Scholars' Rest 

Group Study Zones spread across all floors, including bookable rooms

Please ask at the library reception for more info.

Independent Study Zones spread across all floor.

Silent study area on floor 5 and silent floor on floor 2.

Lockside Student Common Room (LSG/13)    
Oastler Bullding  

Level 4 atrium

Level 5 atrium

Level 6 atrium

Level 7 atrium

Percy Shaw House     SHB/14
Ramsden Building Student Common Room (R1/14)    
Sir Patrick Stewart Building

Ground floor lobby

Level 1 Open Social Zone

Level 2 Open Social Zone

Spärck Jones Building Student Common Room (SJG/05) Rooms available when not being used for teaching: SJG/03, SJG/03a and SJG/03c  
Student Central

Level 4 areas around cafes and atrium

Level 5 Student Union


Always show respect

Keep your campus tidy

Use the recycling facilities provided. Do not leave litter for others to tidy up.

Keep your campus polite and civil

Do not be aggressive, shout, use foul or sexualised language on campus or online.

Use campus safely

Don’t, run, chase or play games that disturb others or puts them at risk of harm.

Keep your campus healthy

Only smoke or vape outside and always 10 metres away from buildings.

Consider other campus users

Don’t monopolise space or facilities that others need to use. Think about how other people also want to use the space and use specialist spaces such as sports facilities or prayer rooms appropriately.

Keep your campus working

Use campus equipment and spaces appropriately. Report IT faults to Report building issues to School offices.

Keep it appropriate

Inappropriate public displays of affection are not acceptable in a professional campus setting.

Respond to university staff requests

If asked to show your student ID you should do so. If asked to stop unsafe or inappropriate behaviour you should do so.

Show respect every day

Any form of harassment, hate or bullying is never okay. If you see it, call it out and use Share and Support to shape our culture.

These expectations are all consistent with our Community Code of Conduct that all students commit to at registration. This outlines how Respect and Courtesy, Professionalism, Self-Control, and Community shape the behaviours of our staff and students.