Accessing and understanding your timetable

If you are having difficulties seeing your timetable

  • Make sure you have completed the first two steps in the getting started section of the Quick Start guide.
  • Make sure you are not using Internet Explorer as this can sometimes cause issues. Try another browser or the MyHud app on the Apple App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play App Store (for Android devices).
  • Distance learning students do not have a timetable. Please refer to your enrolment information to learn about your course structure.

Viewing your timetable

Your timetable is accessible via MyHud. The calendar tile on the MyHud homepage shows you an overview of your upcoming activities. You can click on the calendar tile to view your in-depth timetable, and view your activities by day, month or week. You can also view this in a calendar format, or agenda (list) format.

Making sense of your timetable

Each timetabled activity shows you:

  • Whether they are online or on campus.
  • The room you are in, if on campus. (Click for more help on room codes
  • The online Teams Meeting room link for your online teaching.

To find this information you may need to click on your activity in MyHud to see more details (depending on the view you are using).

Teaching activities will show up as different types. The type is listed after the module name. There are three categories of type:

  • Asynchronous 
    This type of activity means there is something to do on that day or in that week, but this is not at a specific time. For more information, you need to click on the activity to show the full details and/or check Brightspace.
  • Synchronous 
    The prefix ‘Sync’ is shown for synchronous activities. This type of activity is time specific and will be in an online meeting room. This will usually be a Microsoft Teams meeting. The links to these meetings will appear on your timetable about half a day before the activity.
  • On Campus
    This type of activity involves you being on campus. The room you need to be in is shown in the activity detail. Don’t forget to swipe in using your student card when you attend these sessions so we know you were there.

Sessions in your calendar

MyHud shows your timetabled sessions, plus other activities or events that you have been invited to by University staff. This includes meetings that are made in your office365 calendar system. If you see a session in your calendar that you don’t recognise, simply click on it and check the category. If the category is ‘Outlook’, this confirms it is not a timetabled session. These sessions are additional to your scheduled timetable and should always take second place to officially timetabled sessions.

Time zone of your calendar

The time zone of your calendar and timetable is based on the time zone of your device. Please ensure that you are aware of the time zone of your device when viewing all of your sessions. In particular, please be aware of the time zone of your device if you are based outside of the UK or have recently travelled into another time zone.