Campus accessibility

Here at the University of Huddersfield, we strive to make our campus as inclusive as possible. As part of our ongoing campus developments, we continually aim to prioritse the the access of all students, staff and visitors to all areas of campus.

Accessible campus map

Please click here to see a full sized version of our accessible campus map. Alternatively, you can click here to view our general campus map.

accessibility map

Car parking

The availability of parking for staff and students has been a constant topic of conversation for many years. It is a difficult issue as we are bound by the local Council’s commitment to reducing traffic, and therefore there are limits set on the number of parking spaces we can create. Our first priority is to ensure that disabled staff and students have parking spaces, and we achieve this.  Next we have to ensure that the cost of the spaces we provide is met. To do this they must be occupied all year, so staff commit to a contract at a cost of £768 per year for their spaces.  Because of these restrictions it is likely to be cheaper for students to use other local car parks which do not commit them to paying a charge for a space that they are not using every day. The University is committed to working with the Students’ Union to improve wherever possible the experience of our commuter students. Students with a disability who own a blue badge are entitled to a parking space. You can find full details of car parking for disabled students in our Disabled Student Parking User Guide. If you have any queries in regards to disabled parking spaces, please contact



Frequently Asked Questions

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