Sexual Misconduct

At the University of Huddersfield we are committed to prevent and tackle all forms of gender based violence or sexual violence/ misconduct. This includes rape, sexual assault, harassment, stalking, coercive control or any other type of abuse.

In partnership with the University of Huddersfield Student Union we want to encourage a culture of respect and create a university community that does not tolerate – and feels comfortable to challenge and report – gender based and sexual violence.

This part of the website summarises our joint approach to this issue and provides information and support available for all those affected by gender based or sexual violence or misconduct. Including how to support a friend or colleague.

Sexual consent and sexual assault

What is sexual consent?

Supporting a survivor of sexual misconduct

What to do if someone discloses sexual assault or sexual misconduct to you


Tackling Sexual Misconduct and Shaping our University Culture


Share and Support

From harassment to hate crimes, if you've experienced behaviour that has made you feel uncomfortable Share and Support is here to help

Internal Support

Information on support available from the University

External Support

Information on support outside of the University

Education and training

Educational and training resources to develop an understanding of sexual misconduct

In an emergency

Call 999. If you are deaf, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment a text phone is available on 18000.

Call the Security Team on 01484 472220.