Career planning

Planning your career

At Huddersfield we've created a step-by-step guide to make planning your career as straight forward as possible. This takes you from Exploring at the start, to Developing a career at the end. The process follows the clockwise direction of the large arrows but you'll notice that there are smaller counter-clockwise arrows too. Career planning is rarely linear or completely smooth so the smaller arrows indicate that at any point you can circle back to the previous stage and rethink your approach. Reflecting upon how things are going is important at every stage, which is why Reflection is at the centre. Resilience is also central too as you need courage, grit and positivity to power through the obstacles.

Find out more about the career planning cycle.

Careers and Employability timelines

The career timelines for each year group provide a useful checklist of actions that you can undertake at each stage of your academic journey to help you to prepare for your future career.

There are some key deadlines in each year of study when applying for different opportunities. It takes time to gain experience, prepare for recruitment processes and explore your career options. The sooner you start, the more career ready you'll be by the time you enter your final year.

We have also included a list of activities, resources and services that we advise you to engage with throughout each academic year to support you on your journey.

Career tools and resources

There are lots of great websites you can use to find new job ideas, track down vacancies and find the careers and companies that suit you. Here's our selection of the top ones: Prospects, TARGETJobsGradcracker and Milkround.

For the best of the rest, and those specific job sectors and specialised careers see the Resource Hub.