This Student Can

This Student Can is about how you can achieve your career potential, find solutions and grow as a person. We’ve found students from all walks of life and asked them to share their stories about the challenges they’ve faced and the ways they’ve overcome them. These are real stories from real people; honest and unscripted, they tell it like it is.

If you’re struggling to make progress or just wanting inspiration for the journey; this is the place for you.

By watching these videos you will learn how people have:

  • Made themselves more employable;
  • Drawn on their identity to meet challenges;
  • Grown as a person and what they’ve learnt on the way.

Jonathan Stephen

Talks about: Going into HE as a mature student; becoming comfortable with LGBT identity; power in authenticity; help from Student Services and family; not being afraid of failing; being open to new ideas; and why you shouldn't let feeling like an imposter hold you back.


Sabina Negut

Talks about: Getting into HR with a law degree and what helped including placement year; taking an active role in SU societies to develop skills and meet people from different cultures to develop cultural awareness and language skills ready for future career; and support from placement team.


Paulina Minicz

Talks about: Positive impact of a placement; getting a role in HR; support from the Careers Service; and tips for current students including the importance of being proactive and using the support available.

Samir Alam

Talks about: Undertaking an internship; changing career path; volunteer work; joining SU societies; being proactive on LinkedIn; and attending employer events.

Sadaf Eslamian

Talks about: Her journey as a brown woman whose parents are not from the UK; religion; openness; and embracing developmental opportunities.

Chido Nyakonda

Talks about: Proving people wrong as a Black woman; growing a sense of purpose through student societies; and not comparing yourself to others.


Nat Stuart

Talks about: First person from family to go to uni; the importance of taking every opportunity to develop and having things to put on your CV; setting SMART targets; overcoming negativity; and never giving up.


Millie Avery

Talks about: Struggling with confidence; getting outside your comfort zone; learning from mistakes ; and how involvement in SU activities led to personal and career growth.


Lucy French

Talks about: Being supported with anxiety by the Wellbeing Service; growing in compassion; developing confidence and skills through involvement in societies; the importance of being authentic; and how it's OK to take longer than you expect to reach your goals.

Meg Morley

Talks about: Long-term health conditions and careers; being a woman in engineering; believing in yourself; time management; and family support.

Stella James

Talks about: Luck; PhD; overseas study; career development in science; networking skills; being a working mum; and practical support from family.

Emma Rafter

Talks about: Being motivated by 'proving them wrong'; making a dramatic change of course/direction; and support from family and friends.



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