All Students Please Read - Beware of Phishing Emails 

Several students have reported receiving an email that looks to come from the University but is actually a sophisticated phishing email.

The email has a subject line that will be relevant to you and your studies, but the link in the email is malicious and will ask you for your University username and password.

The message is easily identifiable as it has a green box that it wants you to click on.

Do not click on the link and do not enter your University information. If you have received this email please delete it from your inbox. If you think you have already clicked on this message then contact IT Support immediately on 01484 473737 or it.support@hud.ac.uk.

UniMail login details and links

If you have any issues with the UniMail service, please contact IT Support on 01484 473737 or email it.support@hud.ac.uk

Current students:

To read important information about your UniMail clutter folder, click this link: Clutter

Continue into UniMail

Students: When logging into UniMail, use studentid@unimail.hud.ac.uk on the login page. 

PGRs: use studentid@pgr.hud.ac.uk on the login page.

The login screen is as shown here:

Unimail signin

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