Office 365

Office365 provides our email system for students and PGRs.  It also includes OneDrive storage space, and software applications.


We call our student Office365 email system UniMail.

The web address is  Further access details are available on our Login Details page.

  • Read more about UniMail on our Student email pages.
  • Graduates/alumni have your own Graduate/Alumni email page.


As part of Office365, students and PGRs have 1 Tb of storage space available on Microsoft's OneDrive system.

Details are in our Office 365 2016 - OneDrive guide.

This is in addition to the storage provided by the university, often referred to as the K: drive.

Microsoft provides software so that you can connect directly to your OneDrive - alternatively you can reach it via the web, from your UniMail account.

More information is available from Microsoft's web site .  This includes downloads for windows versions, phones and tablets, as well as 'getting started' guides.  You can sign into Microsoft's information pages using your UniMail login details.

If you wish to download your OneDrive files so that you can keep them when you leave, then follow the instructions in our Office365-SavingOneDriveFiles guide. 

Sharing OneDrive files

You can share files on your OneDrive with other people.  Information is included here Office 365 2016 - OneDrive.  It's important that if you're wanting to share with staff, you must un-tick the 'Require sign-in' box.

Office365 software apps

Students and PGRs, but not alumni, can access Microsoft's Cloud versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.  You can also download these apps to your PC or mobile device.  More information is available on our Office365 Apps page.

Microsoft password reset

We recommend changing your password only within Office365, not by using Microsoft's separate password reset system.

Whenever you try to change your password using Microsoft's password reset facility, the University has to verify your request by contacting you on an alternative email or phone.  Unfortunately, if we don't have your current details, we won't be able to contact you to complete the procedure.  So, if you have attempted a password change via the Microsoft password reset facility, but not heard back, please email explaining the situation.