Cost of living information and advice

Maximise your income

Many students work alongside their studies, and there are lots of job opportunities which you can find out about through our Careers Service, including part-time work within the University.

Remember to prioritise your studies though, that is what you are here for after all, and avoid committing to more than 15 hours a week for your employer during term time.

Saving the pounds

Local knowledge

Discover local resources such as free WiFi, library access and travel cards.

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National experts

Online advice and tips from national experts on money saving and debt, student discounts, and food.

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Planning and budgeting

Take control of your money with a year-long view of your income.

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Scholarship and grant funding

Learn about orgainsations and educational trusts offering scholarships and grants.

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Saving together

Tips on saving money with your friends and housemates.

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On campus

Stay active with ActiveHud, try our food outlets and make the most of our safe, secure and warm campus.

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