Have a look through the sections on this page to find out more about how to link with Disability Services, what preparations you can make ahead of coming to university, how the support is put in place and what other services you can access.

Register with Disability Services

Please register with us so we can contact you. This also helps us understand your support requirements.

Getting in touch

Ways to make contact with Disability Services, whether you are a current student or an applicant.

Evidence required

Find out what evidence you need to provide when registering or applying for DSA


Disabled Students' Allowance

Information about applying for the Disabled Students' Allowance - a government fund which provides support to UK students.


How is my support put in place?

Learn about how support is put in place for you across campus and throughout your studies.


Applicant checklist and transition pack

Use our checklist to prepare for University and look through the transition pack for detailed disability-related information about coming to University.

Personal care and medication

Guidance and information on managing personal care and medication whilst at University.

Support for specific disabilities

Find out what support is available

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about Disability Services, Wellbeing support, uni life and course or careers guidance


Digital accessibility

HudStudy is available to all students and provides software and training which can be used to help with studying and learning.


Campus accessibility

Information on access, understanding the rooms, parking, and emergency evacuations.


Information for disabled international students

Discover information on the support available to you as an international student.


Information for disabled apprentices

Find out about the support available to you as an apprentice learner whilst studying at university.


Information for distance learners

Learn about the support available to you if you're undertaking a distance learning course.

Study Support and Guidance



Find out more about this service which provides training and software which can help with studying, learning and working.


Library Disability Support

Find out more about the practical help and support support available at the library.


Wellbeing Support Service

Discover the range of support in managing your wellbeing and mental health.

Uni life and support services


Academic Skills Tutor

Find out about the guidance available on understanding and developing the academic skills required in Higher Education.


Health Centre

If you have moved to the local area, you may want to register with a local GP.


Careers and Employability Service

Learn more about the Career and Employability Services and about how our friendly and professional advisers can support you throughout your studies.


Global Professional Award

Find out more about this undergraduate programme which is designed to prepare you for your chosen path following graduation.



Browse through the activities on offer in University's gym, and find out more about our focus of creating an active university community.